Buying or Selling a Business?

I am not a business broker and I do not work on a
commission basis.  I can help you establish a price and
then assist with the transaction.  I will work with your other
advisors in a noncompetitive fashion to make your
transaction successful.

Involved in Litigation?  Mediation?

Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to resolve
disputes in a court room.  Having a valuation analyst with
court room experience can be a comfort in difficult times.

Have a Buy/Sell Agreement?

If you have a business partner or partners, you need a
buy/sell agreement to protect the business, all of the
business partners, and their families.  Don't use a "cookie
cutter" form for your buy/sell agreement.

Wood Forensic / Valuation Services
    David Wood / CPA  / CVA and MFFA (Emeritus)

"The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."
    - Oscar Wilde
Succession Planning?

One decision a business owner must eventually make is
how to dispose of the business.  When that decision
involves transferring the business to family, a well thought
out succession plan is a necessity.  Don't let your family
make that decision without your input and direction.

Estate and Gift Planning?

Establishing a value that will withstand the scrutiny of the
Internal Revenue Service is a critical element of a
successful estate plan.

Need a complex financial matter investigated?

Forensic accounting is a specialized type of accounting
that involves more than preparing financial statements, tax
returns, etc...  When you need to get to the heart of a
matter, you need a forensic accountant.
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